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The organization aims at empowering girls and women by linking them to opportunities that enhance their chances of success in creating socio economically and environmentally conscious families for a better society.

This is carried under the slogan: “empowering the girl for a better society"

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Case Stories

Our Milestone / Case Stories

  • Successfully set up a mentorship program through which local relatively successful rural women are mobilized as volunteer mentors to girls in the schools towards better performance.
  • Successfully set up a Golden lights program through which the best pupils in class seven and eight win a solar lamp which they can use to study at night. Many of the pupils raised the lack of light as a challenge to their performance as in most cases they cannot afford kerosene for lighting at night.
  • Successfully used the social media (face book) to mobilize the basic necessities especially for girls (sanitary pads, school uniform, home clothes and books) which hinder their attendance to school. The best girl from the school (who was also the best in the zone) got a full uniform to join high school.
  • Empowered the school management committee to look at the issues affecting the children education
  • Secured a partnership with Ecofinder Kenya (a local NGO) who have enabled access to solar lamps and energy technologies at the lowest possible rates for the programs.
  • Partnering with LitWorld, an American NGO, for an online capacity building which helped to set up the girls club in Amilo and looking forward to spreading it out.


  • For the first time in the history of the school, a girl led in the 2011 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). She was also the best girl in Masogo zone comprising 17 schools.
  • For the first time in the history of the school, no girl dropped out of the class 8 during the 2011 calendar year as many of the predisposing conditions were identified and dealt with by their mentors
  • Many of the parents have increasingly become aware of the challenges facing the school children and have come up to support the school. For instance the current class 8 parents conducted a fund raising to aid their children’s education.
  • Cases of ferocious conflicts between the teachers and parents have reduced tremendously
  • The school management committee and the community has come to appreciate the approach leading to the support of the volunteer mentors being supported to start a chicken project in the school.
  • The school enrolment has increased from about 380 pupils in 2011 to 440 pupils in February 2012
  • Two schools have approached us to spread out the program to them.

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