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The organization aims at empowering girls and women by linking them to opportunities that enhance their chances of success in creating socio economically and environmentally conscious families for a better society.

This is carried under the slogan: “empowering the girl for a better society"

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Golden girls foundation meets tag international

The golden girls foundation had an activity  with  Tag International from  21st - 25th July, 2012.

Tag is an international NGO that deploys unique humanitarian  expertise and proven social models to create sustainable solutions for developing countries.

With the rain water harvesting expert, Amir and Water Therapist, Yael, both from from Israel,  Amilo Primary School was used as a pilot project to  install  a rain water harvesting technique that saw the rain water filtered into several tanks and eventually safe for drinking without  necessarily adding any chemicals.  Yael trained teachers within the division on  use of watertherapy for traumatized kids.

The 3 day long workshop was amazing and sure did enlighten the Masogo community that water is a resource that is shared by all and sundry...... a resource that has more uses than one can imagine!

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