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The organization aims at empowering girls and women by linking them to opportunities that enhance their chances of success in creating socio economically and environmentally conscious families for a better society.

This is carried under the slogan: “empowering the girl for a better society"

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The Golden Girls Foundation Girls' Club Day

The Golden Girls Foundation Club Day is an annual celebration marking the climax of activities towards the empowerment of girls in school. In its third year, the Girls Club day is held every second term of the school calendar year. The last two years have been at Amilo primary school, with commendable results. In its second celebration, the program spread its wings to Ogwodo and K'Odhiambo primary schools who have recognized the potential of the program in helping them realize the school objectives and the general well being of girls. This feeds into the Golden Girls Foundation aim of empowering the school community and women to offer girls an opportunity for holistic growth (physical, Mental, Spiritual and Academic) so as to create a better society. This is carried in our slogan: “Educating girls for a better society”.

The Girls Clubs aim at improving the girls’ performance hence their transition to, and successful completion of high school and tertiary education. Specifically the Girls’ Club aims to identify and attempt to address issues affecting the girl child with the pupils, teachers and Parents so as to enhance their holistic growth and development.

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