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The organization aims at empowering girls and women by linking them to opportunities that enhance their chances of success in creating socio economically and environmentally conscious families for a better society.

This is carried under the slogan: “empowering the girl for a better society"

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Celebrating in new school shoes donated by GGF

Last year  Golden Girls Foundation rolled out a campaign in support of girls in rural Kenya who are refraining from school as most of their families cannot afford the medical treatment for their sore, wounded feet from the long distances they have to cover every single day from their homes to attend school on bare feet. In addition, the girls avoid school as they frequently lose their school stationery and much needed sanitary towels on their way to school as the recycled plastic bags they use as "school bags" are easily prone to holes. A good pair of school shoes and a school bag will boost their confidence, esteem and the girls will comfortably cover the long distances to school faster and with no fear of dropping their sanitary towels or being laughed at on their way to school.

Our deep-felt appreciation to all individuals and  institutions who added their voices to this call, for a shoes party it has been! For needy kids at Primary Schools: Alang'o (Mambo Leo), Amilo ( Kabar), K'Odhiambo ( Kabar), Magare ( Kano), Manyatta ( Awendo), Maseno Girls ( Maseno), Minyange (Kabar), Nyabiuntu (Kisii), Nyakunguru (Kano), Nyanguru (Kisii), Ogilo ( Kano), Olick Oliero ( Kano), Ragumo ( Kano), Wambi ( Kano) Wang'apala ( Kabondo)

Secondary Schools: Padre Pio, Masogo Girls ( Masogo), Nyakoko ( Kabar), Magare (Kano), Bunde Mixed ( Ahero), Mutwala Girls (Mutwala)

Special Schools: Cherry Brierley Children's Home ( Tiengre), Equaor Special School (Rang'ala)

Big thanks to Aphia Plus for the shoes donation.

For more photos of the school near you follow the link


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