Computers For Golden Girls Foundation Girls & Women

Written by Golden team

It's Computers for Golden Girls Foundation Girls & Women Empowerment Center. Cheers to our partners Zoo Foundation for moving our partnership to the next level. Zoo Foundation, our partners in ICT not only computerized the GGF Girls & Women Empowerment Center but is also training one of the mentors on ICT to be able to manage the newly set up computer center (Women Empowerment in it's true sense). The donated computers will not only be used by the GGF mentors but will also open up the entire Masogo village to the rest of the world! Zoo Foundation has been very instrumental in training our girls in computers from a "Zoo Mobile Truck" This year ZOO Foundation graduated 18 primary school girls, within Masogo, with basic computer skills from the back of the Zoo truck!!!. ( Follow this link
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HOORAY Nelly, for this magnanimous act Golden Girls Foundation sends you and the entire ZOO Foundation team our brightest shooting star this festive season