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GOLDEN GIRLS FOUNDATION - Empowering the girl for a better society



It WAS to be held at Kodhiambo hall, Miwani Division, Muhoroni district on 21st September 2012.


With the teachers strike still on,
it would not really be possible
to have the quiz show on 21st September
2012 as scheduled- all the three
schools are affected!
Sorry for any inconveniences

The Golden Quiz Show is an annual contest aimed at sharpening the skills of the rural primary school pupils as well as recognizing outstanding schools in providing the right learning environment for the children.

Specifically the Golden Quiz show aims at:

  1. Identifying and rewarding attributes of a well-managed school capable of delivering the complex mandate of educating the child for developing the rural community
  2. Testing and sharpening the pupils’ memory, analytical skills and alertness when faced with new challenges as in case of exams and life situation.
  3. Boost pupils’ self-confidence to overcome challenges through mastery of languages and communication skills.
  4. Enhance appreciation amongst the pupils and community members by making learning fun/thrilling.

This is achieved through a series of events starting with the assessment of the schools and a final examination leading to a climax show during which the pupils undergo a final contest. The marks achieved in all the activity areas add up to the school scores which informs the ranking of the schools. In its inaugural year, the Quiz shall be held at the KOdhiambo hall with three of the four schools in Ogwodo base, Miwani division in Nyando participating. The experiences and lessons will then inform the subsequent shows with an expanded number of schools as dictated by the needs and opportunities arising from the first.

The golden girls foundation had an activity  with  Tag International from  21st - 25th July, 2012.

Tag is an international NGO that deploys unique humanitarian  expertise and proven social models to create sustainable solutions for developing countries.

With the rain water harvesting expert, Amir and Water Therapist, Yael, both from from Israel,  Amilo Primary School was used as a pilot project to  install  a rain water harvesting technique that saw the rain water filtered into several tanks and eventually safe for drinking without  necessarily adding any chemicals.  Yael trained teachers within the division on  use of watertherapy for traumatized kids.

The 3 day long workshop was amazing and sure did enlighten the Masogo community that water is a resource that is shared by all and sundry...... a resource that has more uses than one can imagine!

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Amilo Girl Child Club Day. 

This year’s edition was held on 9th June 2012. 
It was a day when the beneficiaries of our program (The little primary school girls)  met their sponsors and interacted with them.  The sponsors also got to meet and know the little girls' family. 

During this day clothes were donated and uniforms given to pupils who have been sponsored, shared a meal and had lots of fun with the little ones.

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African trust for agreeing to be part of the proceedings as well as donating the sanitary pads and finally to EcoFinder Kenya for the kind support in technologies as well as gracing the occassion. Thank you all for the wonderful day we had. you left a mark in the lives of these young childre as well as the village. Your support has seen us grow tremendously in the last one year. We look forward to further growth with your support. Follow us on Facebook

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